16 October, 2021

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DETR urges people to call in if weekend problem with website persists

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A technical problem that surfaced over the weekend is continuing to cause problems for people trying to file unemployment claims.

Cyara Neel, who runs a Facebook group that helps people who are going through unemployment, said, “Everytime someone logs in, it is not every person, but there is a good portion … I would say 80{2bee926cc0fc610dedcd2c3083df3b4a48fe0e9a6b1c43a1abdfce3d349fdf88} of the claimants that are trying to file … when you go in and tap ‘file weekly claims,’ it just has an error message and it won’t allow you to file your weeklies and you can not get your benefit amount.”

We reached out to the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation.

They know there is a problem, and they are urging people to call in.

The problem is affecting the ui.nv.gov website.

DETR did not provide a timeline on the fix.

A statement released on Sunday said:

DETR has identified errors in the UI system which have resulted in some claimants not being able to file claims. In one instance claimants cannot see the link to file a claim and others see the link but when clicked, the user receives an error. Currently, staff is working to correct the issues with no defined timeframe when these issues will be resolved. Claimants are encouraged to clear their cookies and revisit the site. DETR will share further updates if additional issues arise.